Beauty in Strength

by lauraeglen

Apparently, writing consistently is more challenging than I envisioned. I am happy to report that while my blogging efforts have been sub par, my efforts in the Whole Life Challenge are still going pretty strong. A recap of the past two weeks:

CrossFit Highlights: 

Last weekend I did a WOD (CrossFit lingo here: Workout Of the Day) with my friends Ian and Chris (Hi Ian! Thanks for actually reading this!). It’s so great to experience the culture at different boxes (gyms); I really enjoyed meeting everyone and doing the workout. I think I’ll make it a goal to try to make it to a box wherever I travel, everyone is always super nice and welcoming.

I PR’d my dead lift yesterday! PR stands for Personal Record: 256 pounds. I have noticed a tangible difference in the way I feel when I work out-my energy levels are much more stable throughout the day, and I’ve noticed I can mentally push through a workout more so than I felt I could a few weeks ago. Yay for no sugar!

Also, I have already reached one of my own personal goals that I didn’t think I’d reach until the end of the challenge: kipping pull-ups! I just casually did a few after the workout yesterday, NO BIG DEAL! Well, actually, I’m super pumped. I’ve revised-I want to be able to do 15 in a row by the end of the WLC.


It’s been getting cooler around here, so that means breaking out the slow cooker. I love that thing about as much as I love the coffee machine. So, A LOT. I made pulled pork and it was divine if I do say so myself. But wait, what’s pulled pork with out barbecue sauce?  Don’t worry, I covered sauce too, and then ate the combo for 6 meals and didn’t even get tired of it! In fact, I am so making it again next week. Super easy, fast, and delish.

Speaking of the coffee machine, this week I tried out BulletProof Coffee. Sounds disgusting in theory, tastes amazing in actuality. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but tweaked the recipe at the recommendation of one of my coaches and added coconut milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Now I won’t leave the house without it. SO GOOD.

As the challenge progresses, I’m finding that I’m not as stringent about my meal planning. I need to get back on track so I don’t end up eating only watermelon for dinner again (oops…). Tomorrow is a new day.

Junk (read: carbs and sugar) has become much easier to turn down. Last week I went to a dinner party that was fabulous in terms of company but terrible in terms of challenge compliance. But I had planned for it, and was more than happy to allow myself beer, lasagna, AND chocolate cake. Boy did I pay for it… It was like a hangover! If that’ s what going back to “normal” food is gonna be like, I’m taking a pass. Ugh.

Finally, ME:

I caught up on the phone with one of my oldest friends tonight. I was gushing on and on about CrossFit (because who has a boyfriend anymore?) and caught myself verbalizing something pretty profound. I will admit, for most of my life, I haven’t had the most positive feelings towards my body. More specifically, I’ve always wanted to be skinny. Because skinny = attractive, popular, and attention-grabbing. I harbored the notion that once I lost those last ten pounds, life would be perfect.

That’s not how life actually is.

Through CrossFit, and more acutely through this challenge, my perception has shifted. I am marveling at how much my body has already changed in such a short amount of time… but instead of focusing on the weight loss, my concentration has turned to strength. In the last two weeks alone I have climbed a rope, done unassisted pull-ups, and lifted almost 2x my body weight.  I’m only driven to do more. It’s amazing to see how my body can actually do things I once would’ve brushed off as impossible.

The fact that my clothes getting looser is just icing on the cake may be the best result of this challenge. It’s amazingly liberating 🙂