Week 1 Recap

by lauraeglen

Seeing as I’ve been studying physics since wee hours of the morning, what more productive study break to take than to write a recap of  week one of the Whole Life Challenge? That’s right, none.

The ups:

  • I had some good luck with recipes this week…

Sweet potato/apple/spinach/chicken sausage breakfast hash from Multiply Delicious:

Make this now.

My roommate and I enjoyed this lounging on the sidewalk watching the Rock and Roll Marathoners run through Mile 24 on Saturday morning. We may or may not have suggested (yelled) to several attractive ones that there was plenty to go around…

Cherry Balsamic Pork Chops (adapted from this recipe)

New go-to, FOR SURE.

By far the easiest and most delicious meat recipe I’ve ever made. From prep to table in less than 30 minutes. DONE in less than 30 minutes? With minimal dishes? Points for me!

I had a big bag of frozen cherries that I used instead of fresh blackberries (what the recipe calls for). It’s feels good to be getting more comfortable with cooking that I’m ok diverging from the recipes; one of my goals by the end of the WLC is to be able to make up several of my own concoctions.

** Note to fellow WLCers: if you want to make these pork chops (Believe me, it’s more of a need) – make sure that your balsamic vinegar doesn’t have any added sugar- I like the kind they sell at Costco.

The downs:

  • School fried me last week, and I really felt my mental fatigue transfer into my workouts. CrossFit is such a great release outside of the tension that school creates; it was annoying to feel like I wasn’t able to be 100% at something I enjoy so much. I think not having anymore exams for a while after this week will help. I’m trying to get myself psyched up to practice my double-unders this upcoming week; I’m over finishing a jump rope workout with lash marks all over me. NOT pretty.
  • I ran out of food on Thursday. That wasn’t especially pleasant because I ate scrambled eggs for two meals before I got some time to do a little more meal planning/run to the store. Usually it wouldn’t feel like as big of deal because I could just go grab something quick, but I digress.  This weekend I created a crude weekly planning system (read: a weekly chart) so I can actually see days where I might run short. It helped-I figured out I just need to add one more protein recipe (for a total of 4, with leftovers) into my week to make it all the way through.

Every week there are mini-challenges within the WLC. Week 2’s Challenge: 10 minutes practicing mindfulness every day. Sounds just like just what I need to get back to business. Thanks for reading!